Manna Prayer House was born with a burden that God placed in the heart of Abhay  and Hoinu Sharma who felt God’s compassion for people in pain. He left his career and responded in obedience to God’s call on his life to serve the destitute and those forgotten and ignored by society.

In 2002 Abhay & Hoinu had burning passion to reach the young generation caught up in prostitution. They were deeply stirred in their spirit by the wretched sight of poverty, disease, prostitutes, the needy and the dying poor. From the first instance their reaction to this depressing scene was a feeling of dire hopelessness. But together they decided to light a candle instead of curse the darkness.

Abhay who is from Nepal & Hoinu who hails from Manipur met in Mumbai and married in 2002 and have ever since working in the red-light area where they feel God is leading them and giving them such a passion for the sex-workers and their children.

The Sharma’s have two beautiful school going children who love the Lord!

Our Mission

Speak for the speechless and stand for those appointed to die. Plead the cause of needy and poor and love the rejected.Our vision is to seek and save the lost, to reach the unreached, to touch the untouchable, to bring hope to the hopeless and home to the homeless, to demonstrate the grace of God through community service.


Reach out to the destitute and help them come up in life by training them to earn their living and respect.

Our Center

We are based out of a simple room in the heart of a Red Light District here in Mumbai. Bars suspended from the ceiling, which often have little children dangling from them as a makeshift jungle gym.

These bars were no set-up for the kid’s but once held curtains, separating 6 women sex workers. The Manna Prayer House was used as a brothel. But now this room is a place for the children and ladies to join in prayer, fellowship, meals, church and education. Manna House of prayer is a place where women can experience real love, change for their lives and hope for a renewed destiny.